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Gavid Vickers

Head of Leisure Services

Here at Hartsdown Gymnastics Centre, our aim is to provide fun, active sessions whilst teaching gymnastics skills. Our sessions are age based and all abilities are welcome. Our team of coaches not only teach the skills but help build the gymnasts self-confidence. Gymnastics benefits children's cognitive and physical development by improving gross and fine motor skills, strength, flexibility, balance, agility and coordination.

If you need assistance with your membership or need more information about joining, or have other questions, we have set up a special support hotline. Call 03333 660661 or email gymnastics@yourleisure.uk.com and an expert will be able to help.

Our specialist membership team are available Mon-Fri, 9am - 5pm

Gymnastics Covid Guidance 

Due to the current situation we have made some adjustments to our gymnastics programme in line with British Gymnastics guidance and PHE Guidelines to ensure our facilities are COVID-safe and provide the best opportunity for your child to restart their gymnastics with us. If you do have any queries please email gymnastics@yourleisure.uk.com or call our helpline on 03333 660661.

Please be aware that although we have put precautionary measures in place there is always a risk and we ask our customers to assist us in maintaining the highest possible cleaning and hygiene standards.

Bank / School Holidays: Please note that Gymnastics lessons are not affected by the coming bank and school holidays with lessons continuing as normal. If your lessons are normally on a Monday, they will take place at the same time as usual on the bank holidays: Monday 3 May or Monday 31 May. During school holidays, there is no change in times.

Classes & Ages:

Twinkling Stars (30 minutes): 18 months - 3 years

Rising Stars (45 minutes) : 3 years - starting primary school 

Shooting Stars (55 minutes): 4 years (at primary school) - 16 years. Shooting Stars classes are split into 4+, 6+ and 8+

General Guidance

  • Only one parent per child will be permitted entry to drop off child, but then will have to wait outside/car until lesson has finished. (Parents with gymnasts in pre-school Twinkling & Rising Star classes, will be required to accompany them throughout the session).
  • The seating/spectating area will be closed during this time.
  • Please do not loiter before dropping off and collecting your gymnast and maintain a safe distance away from other users.
  • Parking spaces will be blocked off to allow enough room for parents to social distance while they wait for their gymnast.
  • It is not compulsory to wear a mask when entering the building, and British Gymnastics do not recommend gymnasts wearing facemasks whilst participating in activities, however it is optional when waiting for their turn or moving round the gym.
  • Changing rooms are out of use, and we ask that gymnasts use the toilet at home before coming. While we will allow the toilets to be used if necessary, we want to minimize use as much as possible.
  • Ensure your gymnast arrives gym ready (hair tied up, jewellery removed, correct outfit, and a drink).
  • Arrive on your session time or no more than a couple of minutes before, and make sure your clothing is gym ready and slip on shoes where possible.
  • There will be a coach at the reception desk letting you in one at a time.
  • Use hand sanitiser stations on arrival and when moving around the different activity areas.
  • Whilst in the building and activity area, please follow our guidance on social distancing, direction of travel and other risk minimising control measures that we have put in place.
  • Floor markers and signage have been added to help guide and keep gymnasts safe when moving around the gym and a strict one-way system for entering and exiting the building has been marked out.
  • When the coach lets you through you must go over to a belongings zone/spot, take off and put down your belongings as quick as possible, then make your way (quickly) to a warmup spot on the floor, parents will follow the exit spots and go straight out of the fire exit as indicated.

Gymnastics Specific

We have adjusted and staggered start times of lessons as well as reduce numbers in the classes to allow for Social Distancing. Class times will be sent out ahead of the re-start, however, if you do have any queries please email gymnastics@yourleisure.uk.com or call our helpline on 03333 660661.

Sessions have been planned to ensure they are still progressive, fun and inclusive with minimal waiting times, and to initially ease them back into gymnastics ensuring their physical health, fitness and mental wellbeing are considered.

Coaches will be wearing visors and/or masks. This is essential when talking to parents and gymnasts when there is a chance social distancing cannot be maintained, and during first aid.

  • Although the sessions have been carefully and safely planned, gymnasts still run the risk of getting injured if they do not listen to and follow instructions.
  • Following social distancing guidelines, coaches are not allowed to physically support your gymnast during activity, unless to prevent an accident or in an emergency.
  • First aid will still be given when necessary as the coaches have the relevant PPE.

Specific Class Guidance

Before Class:

  • Gymnasts must sanitise upon entry, when moving zones, if they cough or sneeze into their hands, and if they need to use the toilets.
  • Throughout the gym there will be sanitising stations and clear guidance for social distancing.
  • Equipment has been spaced out, but please also make sure there’s only one gymnast on a piece of equipment at a time (coaches will also be ensuring this).

During Class:

  • Throughout the session, coaches will give guidance and encouragement from a safe distance, as well as making sure you adhere to social distancing.
  • Gymnasts will only move around the gym when being guided by coaches.
  • Gymnasts must not make physical contact with other gymnasts, or staff.

End of Class:

  • At the end of each session, a coach will manage the gymnasts collection of belongings and get ready for parent collection.
  • After collecting their gymnast, parents need to leave the facility as soon as they can following the directional exit routes.
  • Parking spaces will be blocked off to allow enough room for parents to social distance while they wait for their gymnast.
  • Please do not loiter around the gymnastics centre after collecting your gymnast, as it will conflict with the Governments Social Gatherings recent guidance.


By attending class you are agreeing to all the changes and guidance that have been stated and put into practice.

There will not be opportunities to speak to a coach regarding questions and queries you may have, so please email gymnastics@yourleisure.uk.com to discuss queries or request a phone call.

Get into the Swing of IT!

Hartsdown Gymnastics Centre is a non-competitive gymnastics centre, focusing on developing the gymnasts self belief and confidence.

All gymnastics skills and progressions are still taught but without the pressure of competing and gaining certain skills on a time constraint.

We teach in a fun, relaxed and supportive environment trying to keep the gymnasts moving at all times. 

We dip into other gymnastics disciplines giving the gymnasts an insight into them. Working on FUNdamental and Core Proficiency badges every 12 weeks.

Proficiency Badge Scheme

The proficiency Badge Scheme is taught and assessed during our Shooting Star classes 3-4 times a year. This is an awards scheme starting at level 8 up to level 1. Assisting in the development of core skills, whilst incorporating pulse raising activities.

There's 10 types of activities in each level. The activity skills difficulty increases and progresses as you go through the badges, recognising the gymnasts accomplishments after each level by being able to purchase certificates and badges. Please do not worry if your child does not pass badge at the same time as other gymnasts. They all start the badge scheme at different times meaning they may be on different levels and also have different amounts of skills completed previously on a badge. As they work through the levels the badges take longer to achieve because of their difficulty.

Through the scheme, gymnasts will use the bars, beams, vault and they will also do floor skills which include fitness and flexibility.

Join in the FUN at Hartsdown Gymnastics Centre

Twinkling Stars (18 mths to 3yrs)

A 30 minute class is the perfect first step into the gymnastics world. Starting with a short coach led warm up, and finishing with a song and sticker, the rest of the time you and your little one have free reign to play and explore all the gymnastics equipment which helps develop their gross and fine motor skills. Qualified coaches are at hand to give you ideas and help if you would like it. Every 12 weeks we work towards a badge on the FUNdamental badge scheme from British Gymnastics, having a minimum of 3 themed sessions to complete the necessary skills to achieve the badge. This class is a great preparation for our Rising Star classes.

Rising Stars (3 years until they start Primary School)

A 45 minute class teaches the basic gymnastics skills in a fun imaginative environment. The whole session is coach led, with parents and grown ups watching from our seating area.

After a fun pulse raising activity and stretch, we then take them round the different circuits and sometimes try some skills on the bars, then finish with a sticker. Every 12 weeks we work towards a badge on the FUNdamental badge scheme from British Gymnastics, having a minimum of 3 themed sessions to complete the necessary skills to achieve the badge.

Shooting Stars (4 to 8yrs+)

These 60 minute classes teach and develop skills in a fun environment are split into three age groups; 4+, 6+ and 8+.

Throughout the sessions the gymnast will use and learn skills on the bars, beams, vault and floor which includes fitness and flexibility.

Check out our timetable to find the best class for you!

Want to give Gymnastics a go? Email today for a FREE trial session! Register your interest by completing the form below and our Gymnastics Team will be in touch. 

Want to give Gymnastics a go?

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