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Hartsdown Gymnastics Centre

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Gavid Vickers

Indoor Leisure Manager

We follow a carefully planned development scheme to maximise every child’s potential in an enjoyable and safe environment.

If you need any help, give our friendly team a call on 01843 226221

Get into the Swing of IT!

Hartsdown Gymnastics Centre is a non-competitive gymnastics centre, focusing on developing the gymnasts self belief and confidence.

All gymnastics skills and progressions are still taught but without the pressure of competing and gaining certain skills on a time constraint.

We teach in a fun, relaxed and supportive environment trying to keep the gymnasts moving at all times. 

We dip into other gymnastics disciplines giving the gymnasts an insight into them. Working on FUN-damental and Core Proficiency badges every 12 weeks.

Proficiency Badge Scheme

This is an awards scheme starting at level 8 up to level 1. Assisting in the development of core skills, whilst incorporating pulse raising activities.

There's 10 types of activities in each level. The activity skills difficulty increases and progresses as you go through the badges, recognising the gymnasts accomplishments after each level by being able to purchase certificates and badges.

They all start the badge scheme at different times meaning they may be on different levels and also have different amounts of skills completed previously on a badge. As they work through the levels the badges take longer to achieve because of their difficulty.

Hartsdown Gymnastics Centre is a registered British Gymnastics Centre.

Join in the FUN at Hartsdown Gymnastics Centre

Twinkling Stars (18 mths to 3yrs)

Sessions aimed at introducing your little ones to the wonders of gymnastics.

These sessions are designed to assist with mobility and development of motor skills but above all our aim is to just have fun.

Rising Stars (3 to 5yrs)

These sessions are unaccompanied (but parents must remain nearby) and all take place within a supervised, safe, controlled environment. We introduce all the gymnastic skills and apparatus in an independent
structured, fun setting.

They include all types of hand apparatus and the larger gymnastic equipment such as beam, vault, trampette and bars. This improves and develops balance, coordination, motor skills, also
social and educational, within a circuit of activities.

Shooting Stars (4yrs+)

These classes will be introducing children to forward and backward rolls, cartwheels, handstands, floor, vault and beam work.

The aim is to have fun in an exciting way, learn new skills and at the same time keep fit.

Check out our timetable to find the best class for you!

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